KONA Electric hybrid by Micargi

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The Micargi Kona has a aluminum frame, 350W rear hub speed sensor motor with a 36V 11Ah Samsung Lithium Ion battery. The Micargi Kona is the perfect ebike for commuting or riding leisurely around town. The aluminum frame and parts make the ebike as light as can be, with the battery accounting for some of the weight of this ebike. Equipped with fenders to protect the rider from dust or dirt kick up and headlights to help show the way when riding in the nights. The Micargi Kona has a speed senor and 5 modes of pedal assist. Battery requires 4-6 hours of charge to provide the rider with 35 miles of commute. The Kone pushes out a amazing 15.5mph. (23) top speed causes the bike to require our built in front and rear disk breaks to help give maximum breaking power.