Electric Fat Tire 26' Cruiser e bike by NAKTO

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Nakto cruiser is Nakto most influential fat tire electric bike. Due to its excellent design, good performance and low price, it has become one of the best performing fat tire electric bicycles in the Nakto brand. Further more, Nakto R&D team has developed various outstanding fat tire electric bikes based on cruiser suitable for different customers  , such as super cruiser, mini cruiser, folding mini cruiser, etc.

Nakto cruiser is equipped with a displayer, HD LCD display, Big screen show you clearly about Voltage Level Status\PAS level status\current speed, etc.

Various settings can be made through the displayer, such as setting different mode: throttle  only, PAS only (padel assistant system) , and the joint working mode of throttle and PAS. Set zero start, non-zero start. Set PAS intensity

Numerous functions are waiting for your exploration, you can set up a perfect electric bicycle according to your preferences


Fat Tire

The most prominent feature of a fat tire electric bike is its fat tire. Compared with ordinary tires, fat tires can be used in more road conditions and weathers. The nakto R&D center deliberately optimized the design of the fat tire surface pattern, and conducted hundreds of tests on the durability and damage resistance of the fat tire, and finally selected the best quality model for fat tire electric bike

Fat tires will also give riders a more comfortable riding experience, High-volume tires allow you to run low tire pressures, and low tire pressures typically beget a more comfortable ride. Fat  tires take that notion to the extreme. Whereas you might run 60+ psi for a road bike, 40+ psi for a hybrid, and 20+ psi for a mountain bike, fat tire electric bikes allow you to ride with as little as 5 to 10 psi in your tires. You'll want to add pressure for pavement and remove air for off-road riding but the overall decrease in tire pressure allows the tires to compress over bumps, smoothing out the ride for you.

  • Reliable and fun to ride fat tire bike is suitable for all terrains and seasons. Ready for the Beach, Snow, Hiking trails whatever your adventures are this Bike is your best option.

      • Safety: HD LED headlight, Powerful Braking System and Motor Safety Cut Off 
      • Built with high-strength carbon steel and superior car paint, the bike will serve you several years
      MOTOR : Rear Hub 36V 500W G.W :   68  Lbs with battery.
      BATTERY: 48v 12Ah Lithium Battery PACKING: 1580*280*775mm
      RANGE: 30-35 Miles Tire: 26"*4"
      DISPLAY: LED displayer LIGHTS: Front LED light, rear reflective light
      SENSOR: Speed Sensor WIRING: Waterproof Connectors and Wiring Harness
      BATTERY LIFE: Up to 1000 Cycles RIDER HEIGHTS: 5'3”--6’3”
      BRAKE: Front and rear disc brake  FUNCTIONS: Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle
      FRAME: steel frame


       Packing List
      A bike
      A Battery charger
      A Battery
      A Toolkit
      An Owner's manual
      A Basket( for Camel, Classic)